Haksever Button and Accessories | Haksever Group

Kısa Bilgi

Ülke :Türkiye

İsim :Haksever Button and Accessories | Haksever Group

Kuruluş tarihi : 1985

Markalar : Haksever

İş Tipi : Üretici, İhracatçı

Ürün/Hizmet : Buttons,Rivets,Eyelets,Buckles,Metal Tag,Grommet,Stoppers,Cord Ends,Snap Fasteners,Prong Snap,Snap Buttons,Sewing Button,Trimmings,Accessories,Düğme,Perçin,Hooks,Pins

Çalışan Sayısı : +101

Sertifikalar : ISO 9001:2008

Hedef Pazar : Güney Amerika , Doğu Asya, Orta Doğu , Kuzey Avrupa , Batı Avrupa , Doğu Avrupa , Kuzey Afrika

Haksever Group, Manufacturer of Metal accessories and Fastening machinery. Since 1985 we are in textile accessories business. We produce all types of buttons, rivets, eyelets, buckles, cord ends, stoppers, metal logo, and various items. We have a big production capacity in 10.000 square meterfacilities. Our factory is in Istanbul Gaziosmanpaşa, we have a big showroom for our guests to see our products. Devamı
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Haksever Button and Accessories | Haksever Group

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