Kısa Bilgi

Ülke :Türkiye


Kuruluş tarihi : 2017


İş Tipi : Üretici, İhracatçı , Danışmanlık

Ürün/Hizmet : Crankshaft Pulley,Flywheel,Oil pump,Fuel pump,Water Pump,gasket,Engine Spare Parts,Truck engine parts,Diesel Engine Parts,European Truck Engine Parts,Hydraulic Parts

Çalışan Sayısı : -

Hedef Pazar : Kuzey Amerika, Orta Amerika, Güney Amerika , Doğu Asya, Güney Asya , Batı Asya , Orta Doğu , Kuzey Avrupa , Batı Avrupa , Doğu Avrupa , Kuzey Afrika , Orta Africa , Güney Africa

Having spent 29 years in manufacturing parts for engines we launched VERSMON BRAND for trading parts directly from Manufacturing Factories and join our experiences of manufacturing to supply the quality and certified parts for our clients. Our young qualified staff and vision to expand our client base has gained us many partners in many countries. We look forward to see our parts in every single engine throughout the world and ready to use on your shelves. VERSMON is a grou... Devamı
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