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Vezir Arms Defense Industry

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We are manufacturing and exporting shotguns in Konya,TURKEY. Our range of products covers; semi-automatic, pump-action, magazine fed shotguns, single barrel, over&under and side by side. We also selo arms equipment. VEZIR offers shotguns for the hunter and shooter, designed for every occasion. We are endeavouring to present high quality standarta with affordable prices to our clients. We sell our products to the world. We hope to develop our business throughout the world with only those who belive in Trust and Customer satisfaction with those who cares about quality much more that we do so that we keep growing in order to make only the best quality items… we would love to meet new ” Importers , Distributors, Wholesallers , Dealers and entrepreneurs ” throughout the world … We don’t value our customers by the quantity that they purchase but we value them with their passion about representing only good quality items that makes them proud with what they do…

Vezir Arms Defense Industry

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