10 Meter Scissors Lift - HD230L10

10 meter scissors lift

Min. Order Quantity : 2 piece(s)

HS Code: 842790001000

Mr. Nazmi YAVUZ
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Delivery Details : Aksaray Yolu Üzeri Ketenci Or. San. Sitesi 14332 Sk. No:32

Detailed Information
Standard Features;
Proportional control, Self-locking platform door driving at maximum height, trackless tires, automatic braking system 2wd,
Emergency stop button, emergency lowering system 
Cylinder holding valve, tilt sensor, Alarm in all movements, horn, forklift pockets, charge protection, pliable railings, warning light.

Optional Features;
AC power up to platform, Weight sensor, Lighting system on the platform ,air oulet up to platform, impact sensor.

Max Lifting Capacity: 230 kg
Sliding Case Lifting Capacity: 120 kg
Max Number of Personnel: 2
Turn Diameter: 220cm
Closed Speed: 3.5 km/H
Open Speed: 0.8 km/H
Max Driving Tilt: %25
Max Operating Tilt: x3 -y1,5
Wheel Diameter: 386mm

Engine: 3.3kv 24v
Battery: 4x6v 225ah
İntegrated Power Unit: 24V 25A

Weight: 2200kg
Working Height: 10.00m
Platform Height: 8.00m
Ground Clearence: 2.00cm


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