H-IRB is up to 7 tons balancing machine that used for workpieces of fans, impellers, rotors, haymaker, chopper, shaft, rollers and so on

Min. Order Quantity : 1 piece(s)

HS Code: 90311000

Ms. Mehtap Karapınar
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Detailed Information

H-IHB Horizontal Balancing Machine is used for static and dynamic balancing of  work pieces such as fan, impeller , rotor , separator, turbine, shaft , rollers and so on.

Belt drive or drive shaft can be preferred according to the work to be done.

Belt drive can be recommended in order to get more sensitive results on medium and small-sized pieces.

One of the further advantages is that it makes the process of putting the workpiece on the equipment much easier and it is suitable for sequential working conditions.

In order to be able to use belt drive unit, there should be at least one cylindrical section where the belt can be placed on the workpiece.

Drive shaft unit provides ease of use for big diametered heavy rotor types and the workpieces where there exists no cylindrical section the belt is to be strapped.

Our systems can make accurate and sensitive measurements at high and low speeds.

Balancing programme works with licenced Windows operating system.

Training and installation process of the machines which  are given by our staff  are finalized with  the submission of a certificate.

Machine calibration is made in our company and calibration certificate is provided together with the machine. All our machines have CE certificate.

Protection cabinet  can be added in acoordance with


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