Günsüt Milk Production Farm

Country:Turkey Turkey

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Created Date : 7/30/2019

Expiration Date : 9/10/2021

Category : Animal Husbandry

Our project is a milk production farm. Our project was established with the support of 25% and 75% European Union from Agriculture and Rural Development Institution.The project is located in the village of Benliahmet in the Selim district of Kars. our project , 12700 m 2 plot area, 2500 m 2 barn, 900 m 2 straw and feed storage area, 600 m 2 reinforced concrete silage area, 180 m 2 two storey administrative building and equipment garage, 580 tons fertilizer storage area and 100kW electrical transformer, 60 + 100 square meters of artesian and tap water is available. The scope of the project is 240 cattle. Production started with 120 dairy animals. In the project, baling machine, 10 tons solid and liquid fertilizer trailer, 6 tons load trailer, 4 tons capacity feed crushing machine, silage mower, automatic animal washing device, 2 * 8 16-head automatic milking unit, 5 tons milk cooling tank, 25 tone water tank available. Everything needed for a comfortable and healthy production is available .
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