Phostoxin Tablets & Dextrose

Country:Botswana Botswana

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Created Date : 3/12/2019

Expiration Date : 6/1/2019

Category : Medical Supplies

Dear Sir, We want to buy the following products: Phostoxin Tablets (1kg*22 Flasks) Degesh Plates(120*Drum) Weevil Spray Upper Class 20L MilFog (20L) Fumex Rolls(6 * 100 Drum) Degesh Rat Liquid 1 LT(Dilute Lt to 160 parts of water= makes 160 LT) Potato Dextrose Agar *12 Brilliance E.cole coliform Selective *4 Pipette 100 ml,1000ml and holding rack 5000ml *1 Each Pippette tips 5ml *10 0.1N-0.1M Hydrochloric acid 5ml *6 90MM Petri dishes * 10 Let us know if you can supply and the best export price you can offer. Thank you
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