Natural leather sports shoes

Country:Georgia Georgia

Quantity Required: 12000 piece(s)

Created Date : 1/8/2019

Expiration Date : 4/1/2019

Category : Sport Shoes

Natural leather sports shoes.Waterproof, breathable. Surface material – flipped natural leather (chamois leather) or another material with identical characteristics, width 1,4 mm-1.8mm; Surfaces fabric – Air injection/ breathability (no less than 1 l/m²/sc) and water resistant/penetration stability (penetration stability no less than 3500 mm) –To prove above mention characteristics should be presented a letter from manufacturer company. In the upper side of the shoe – tongue with soft სადებით; In the part of eyelet - solidifying fiber/material; Eyelet – stainless metal or plastic circular eyelets in the row no less than 5 and no more than 6. Tie - adjusted to shoe size; Footbed – made of moisture absorbing material; main/stretching footbed - carton, also could be made with better quality footbed material; Bottom - 100% rubber or/and EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) or/and polyurethane -PU or/and stirolbuthedine sthironbutadien or/and thermoelastic polymer material. Weight – the weight of one shoe must be according to weight identified in table N1.
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