Electric Control System / Panel and Automatic shrink- wrapping machine

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Created Date : 11/29/2018

Expiration Date : 12/30/2018

Category : Machinery, Plants & Equipments ,Food Processing Machinery ,Electric & Electronics ,Electrical Parts

Dear Sir, We have inquiry for the following Equipments : 1. Pineapple peeling and juicing machine, Production capacity: 2- 3 MT/Hr, Automatic peeling and Juicing, SS body 304, power connection 380v 50 hz/220v, should include suitable screw transfer pump for the machine. 2. Pineapple Brush washing machine 3. High lift stainless steel Elevator belt (to convey the fruit from the washer to the peeling and juicing machine) 4. Electric control system / panel, mode of operation: Automatic control for the the machines(SI.No. 1-2), fully atainless steel 304, power connection 380 50hz/220v. 5. Passion fruit juice extraction machine. Production capacity: 1-1.5 MT/HR, Mode of operation: Automatic system (complete peeling, seed pitting and juicing at the same time) (multi-stage), material construction: fully stainless steel 304, power connection 380v 50 hz /220v including electric control panel. Should include suitable screw transfer pump with the machine, machine should be ISO certificate. 6. Automatic shrink- wrapping machine with auto feeding. Please let us know if you can provide any of these. Thanks & Regards.
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