Hot Freon Pump

Country:Pakistan Pakistan

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Created Date : 11/2/2018

Expiration Date : 12/30/2018

Category : Pumps & Filtration Systems

Dear Sir, We urgently require Hot Freon Pump Pump Type: NCP 4-100, N° FABR MZ 90081 9/2 (Vertical) Flange Size: PN =16, DN=40 303L 619640 Impeller diameter:98.5 mm Q (m3 /h )=0.2-1 Operating temp . Max. = 150 °C Motor (Perfecta) Type: 3WP75/4.3 Mot R.P.M: 1300 Voltage: 380/220V Power: 0.075 KW Ampere: 0.43-0.7A Hz: 50, COS 0 =0.64 Isol. K.F, IP44 It is requested to please send us your quotation along with technical literature. Payment will be made through confirm /irrevocable letter of credit. Thank you.
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