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Created Date : 5/10/2018

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May I use this opportunity to introduce my company, NAVYAS INT'L CO., LTD. We are consultant,importers, distributor, marketing and trading company. Currently we have 10 distribution channels within Benin Republic , and directly distributing to 30 companies here in Benin, and together there are 250 distribution channels owned and managed by our partners in the following countries, namely: Burkina Faso , Cap Verde, Gambia , Guinea Bissau , Liberia , Mali , Niger , Senegal, S.Leone and Togo and other neighboring countries. As you know, there are many ways to the success in the business, and one of them is the advertising. We are keeping good levels of advertising activity, and trying to have nearly permanent presence in the advertising space, providing a necessary support to our distributors. We advertise using all known ways : Radio, press, billboards, tramways and etc. Periodically we are organizing actions and promotions, and if somewhere persist a problem with the sales we will react to help there with all available ways. It is more than clear to us, that for any product to be well known and easy accessible to the customers, the advertising support of our distributors must be on high levels, if we want to keep the good sales.
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