Paper and soup paper cups

Country:Egypt Egypt

Quantity Required: 20 40' HQ Container

Created Date : 3/27/2018

Expiration Date : 12/30/2019

Category : Paper and Paperboard

Dear Sir / Madam, Let me introduce myself, my name is Mohamed Enlarger. I'm the owner and director of Aqwab Company Egypt. We have been in the business of supplying paper cups, soup bowls, straws, and various paper consumer products to the local Egyptian market since 2011. Throughout the past 6 years, we have established a strong distribution network across all Egyptian districts and townships and have a solid relationship with various local retailers and distributors. Our business model is centered mainly on the import of high-quality paper products, and to a lesser extent on local production via contract manufacturers. With local demand booming in recent months, we are looking to diversify and expand our supply base, and accordingly, your company caught our attention. Your website shows a variety of products that is consistent with our portfolio, and a business relationship between us can help my company leverage existing trade and c customs agreements between our countries. Now as a first step, to understand whether your company can provide an offer that is congruent with our cost structure, can you kindly provide me with an offer for the below: 4, 6, & 7 Oz of 210 GSM +18 PE Paper cups as well as 8 & 12 Oz OF 300 GSM +18 PE. I'm interested mainly in FOB price for 40 HQ containers. With your offer, I'd also appreciate your contact information and a convenient time for you to have a call to discuss more on other products (soup, salad bowls, ice cream cups with flexographic printing...etc.) and agree on next steps. Many Thanks in advance, Best Regards, Mohamed Enlarger, +201069875511 Aqwab Company Cairo - Egypt
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