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Country:Qatar Qatar

Created Date : 7/16/2017

Expiration Date : 12/30/2019

Category : Canned

An Exclusive Marketing and Sales Agency Request Dear Sir/Madam I'm Mr. Hussam Mohammad (Founder and General Manager) of Golden Chances Company for E-Commerce and services DOHA-QATAR. We are a registered company in Qatar. We are specialized in International Business, Marketing, Electronic Commerce and Trade. We are looking to gain an exclusive distribution and marketing agency for products from the producing and manufacturer companies (Directly) from all over the world mainly from Turkey, and Europe. The agency which we are looking to gain is an exclusive agency which includes all GCC countries and North Africa countries. The main products which we are interested in Fresh fruits and vegetables Frozen and canned fruits and vegetables Chicken (Halal) Meat (Halal) Dairy Products Mineral waters Women and kids clothes , bags, Evening Dresses, Jeans, Shirts, and shoes ( High Quality).. Cosmetic and makeup a Products Personal Care Products We are looking for high quality products. If you are interested please send us the following: 1- Scanned copy of the Original valid commercial Record of your company (In English) 2- Scanned copy of the Original valid Trade License of your company ( in English language) 3- Scanned copy of the Original valid Taxes Card of your company (In English language) 4- Scanned copy of the Original valid ID card of the General Manager of the company who will sign the agency agreement with us. 5- Certificate of origin of your products 6- Profile of your company 7- Catalog of your products ( In English) include the following: a- Full Description of each product in English with obvious photos of the product b- Price/Ton or Piece in US$ + Sea Shipping costs to all GCC countries and North Africa Countries.
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