Pak Tavuk was founded in 1955 as a modern slaughter house in Söğütlüçeşme Kadikoy over the land on which currently Kadikoy Wedding House is situated. Until that time people who wanted to buy chicken were going to the poultry shops, they were choosing chickens from hencoops and were buying chickens that were slaughtered there. The slaughter house of Pak Tavuk that has been built at that time has made people give up from this buying habit, and created a substantial difference at the market, via supplying chickens which has been slaughtered under more clean and hygenic conditions. Those years the chickens that has been supplied from the villages, has been slaughtered in the slaughter house, but as the races, ages and the homogeneity of the chickens supplied from the villages were different, it has been a problem on slaughtering side.Therefore until 1972, Pak Tavuk proceed supplying its broiler (chicken) needs from different companies.


In 1972 Pak Tavuk has entered breeding industry by building two farms and a hatchery in Samandıra, therefore for the first time the company introduced to the way of being an integrated facility, by being partially integrated at that period.


In 1986, due to the slaughter house was placed in the center of the city, the Municipality of Istanbul expropriated it, and constructed Kadikoy Wedding House which is currently situated on the land. From 1986 to 1992 the production of broiler chicks was accelerated. At that time Pak Tavuk has continued its production by producing the highest quality and the largest amount of chicken.


In 1993 it was decided to re-enter slaughter house business, and therefore 50 % of Ördekçioğlu slaughter house and 25 % of Emre slaughter house was purchased. At that time together with the capacities of 5000 bird a day of each slaughter houses and in total 10.000 bird a day, the production has been accelerated. In 1995 after buying new shares, the partnership interest of Pak Tavuk on Emre Slaughter House has been reached to 50 % from 25 %.


In 1999, according to the agreement with Ördekçioğlu, via buying remaining shares, the management of the slaughter house has been transfered to Pak Tavuk. At that time the slaughter capacity of Pak Tavuk has reached 30.000 bird per day and Emre Tavuk has reached 20.000 bird per day.


Pak Tavuk, proceeded via increasing the market share and increasing the capacity of slaughter and while starting the year 2007, Pak Tavuk acquiered the brand Mudurnupiliç, and demanded its products under the brand name of Mudurnupiliç.


In the year 2009, Pak Tavuk acquired the remaining facilities of Mudurnupiliç brand, and continued its production with the happiness of returning the brand to its old house.

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