YCH Hydraulic Rapid Impact Compactor

YCH Hydraulic Rapid Impact Compactor

Min. Order Quantity : 1 set(s)

HS Code: 84301000

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Packaging Details : suitable for sea transportation

Delivery Details : 4-6 months ready for delivery

Detailed Information

1. It can realize single impacting and program impacting.Impact energy and steps can be set.

2. Using energy monitoring system, monitor and record the impact energy, times ,run hours which is convenient for further analysis of piling procedure.

3. Assembled with the loaders, excavators and crawler cranes. With good motility, control ability and high efficiency.

4. Highly integrated hydraulic driving system and control system, simple structure and easy for maintenance.

5. Impact compactor foot touches the ground all along when work, avoiding the potential danger and the splashed fragments.

6. Tamping plate,breaker and pile guide can be changed conveniently. It suitable for variety impacting, crushing and pilling work.

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