Glowing Drum Kit Mat

Country:Turkey Turkey

Created Date : 11/21/2017

Expiration Date : 1/12/2019

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Glowing Drum Kit Playmat Supplier in China Offers Glowing Drum Kit Mat, 5 Modes, MP3 plug-in, 8 Instrument Beating Areas, Touch Sensitive Mat.
Product Specifications:
    Series: Instruments
    Name: Glowing Drum Kit Playmat
    Item Number: SLW9887
    Mat Size: 80 x 63 cm
    Package Size: 47 x 8.5x 33 cm
    Battery: 4 x 1.5V “AA” (not included)
    5 modes to select: free drum kit mode, demo mode, learning mode, play mode, record & play back mode
    8 instrument beating areas
    8 LED lights
    5 built-in demos
    MP3 plug-in
    Adjustable tempo
    Adjustable volume
    Touch sensitive playmat

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